A.S.Adventure works together closely with Solid, a private foundation that sets up projects to combat global poverty. Since 2000, Solid, with the support of the business community, has been investing in sustainable community development and in the intensive training and supervision of vulnerable groups – initially with a focus on the Peruvian Ayacucho region, but later also in Kenya and India. This allows the locals to acquire knowledge and take control of their own lives.


A noble and sustainable project – one that A.S.Adventure is proud to be a part of. How? It’s simple. Since 2009, every product from the Ayacucho® collection that is sold generates new funds for their existing projects and for new initiatives.

A small team headed off to Kenya in October 2018 to check out the Wildlife Works projects in person. This was done together with our partner, Solid. The project is 100% focused on local employment and the empowerment of women, which is what the Solid model supports. We were immersed in the local projects and issues. That way, we and the Solid members were able to work on better-targeted support.




It's all about sustainability


From raincoats, T-shirts and scarves to sleeping bags, air mattresses and backpacks: the Ayacucho® outdoor & travel collection is perfect for young and old, in the city or out in nature. The products have an optimal price-quality ratio and are always made with attention to sustainability, functionality and comfort.


And, all of your Ayacucho purchases support a variety of Solid projects, which improve the standard of living for the inhabitants of neglected regions in Peru, Kenya and India. Did you know, by the way, that the Ayacucho® hats and scarves are all crocheted and knitted in the mountains of the Ayacucho region? All of the other Ayacucho products are manufactured in Asia under conditions that are correct and fair toward humans and the environment, and at a fair wage.

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The projects set up by Solid all adhere to the principle of corporate social responsibility. Their ecosystem is based on a hybrid model in which a number of economically profitable projects contribute to social assistance projects, which are subdivided into Solid Crafts and Solid Agriculture. So, every euro invested is utilised two-fold. 

Solid Peru projects:

  • Manta: An artisanal craft workshop where underprivileged women and teenage mothers knit blankets, hats and scarves for export, like the hats in our Ayacucho® collection.
  • Día: Crisis centre where underprivileged teenage girls live independently with supervision and learn to develop skills to improve their well-being.
  • Avelac: Western-style dairy farm that offers goods and services for the improvement of livestock farming and of the living conditions of the farming families in Ayacucho.
  • Jovem: Practical, high-quality, agricultural educational programme focusing on sustainability, which offers local youth a brighter future while stemming the tide of those same young people fleeing the countryside for the cities.
  • Solid Food: Honest cooperation among the agricultural families in Ayacucho for the commercialisation of Andean crops, like quinoa.
  • Familias Saludables: Intensive cooperation focussing on health, well-being and housing for exceptionally vulnerable families in the mountain communities of Ayacucho.

Solid Kenya projects:

  • Taita Traditional: Handmade, naturally dyed baskets made of sisal. This project significantly strengthens the position of the women in the Taita community.
  • Wildlife Works: 100% organic soaps in a variety of shapes, sizes and scents, made by three women in exchange for a good wage and medical insurance.
  • Hadithi: Coordinating organisation that teaches women’s groups to promote the sale of their handiwork products and to improve their living conditions.

Solid India projects:

  • Paces Crafts: A sustainable handicraft workshop in the Ranchi countryside that provides local weavers and underprivileged women with training and an honest, fair income.
  • Jaan Foundation: Protection, support and childcare for children who have been the victims of slavery and child abuse, with rehabilitation as its goal.