The Ayacucho® collection was created in 2009 and is the outcome of a partnership between A.S.Adventure and Solid International. It is a splendid project, which has also proven its use on the local level. Ayacucho is a full-fledged outdoor and travel collection as well as a very poor region in Peru. Solid International used European know-how to improve the agriculture, irrigation, housing and marketing of goods. As a result, A.S.Adventure and Solid International are providing structural assistance to the region.


Buying an Ayacucho® product generates new funds for Solid International’s projects, which have a very specific impact on the life of the Peruvians. B2B Manager Chris Van Riel was able to see this impact first-hand during the 2015 immersion trips: “During my visit of the knitting workshop of Mama Manta, the social project of Mama Cuna and Wayta (the first rose farm in Ayacucho) I saw first-hand how Solid International really makes a world of difference in the lives of the inhabitants of Ayacucho.”


It’s all about sustainability


The Ayacucho® products have an optimum price/quality ratio and are always produced with attention to sustainability, functionality and comfort. What's more, A.S.Adventure supports various projects of Solid International, which improve the lives of the people of Ayacucho, with the sale of these products.


Every year A.S.Adventure leaves on a 12-day trip with a group of well-equipped customers and employees to Ayacucho, one of the poorest and most barren regions of Peru, on the eastern slopes of the Andes.


Since 2008, Solid International, a development organisation with the support of the Belgian business world, has been working in this region, far away from Western civilisation. Here they teach the local population how to take their life in their own hands.


A generous and sustainable project, to which A.S.Adventure gladly contributes. How? Easy. A percentage of the profits of every product in the Ayacucho® collection goes directly to Solid International. They use these funds to develop existing projects and launch new initiatives.


Every year A.S.Adventure organises this unforgettable immersion trip to give our customers and employees the opportunity to experience life in this unique Peruvian mountain region first-hand and to find out what Solid International is doing here. Our Ayacucho Ambassadors are always deeply impressed after having spent some time working side by side with the local population on the Solid International projects.




Solid Peru has already implemented six projects from scratch in Ayacucho, in the city and in the countryside. These are social profit, non-profit and profit for non-profit projects, in accordance with the principle of corporate social responsibility.


  • Manta: artisan knitting workshop where poor and underprivileged women and teenage mothers knit plaids, hats and scarves for export, like the hats in our Ayacucho® collection.
  • Avelac: Western-style dairy farm, which offers goods and services to improve livestock farming and the living conditions of farming families in Ayacucho.
  • Wayta: flower grower where high-quality roses in all sorts of colours are grown and sold to fund social projects in the region.
  • Plaza More: real estate project in the centre of the city which rents out retail space to stores and catering establishments to boost the local economy.
  • Día: crisis shelter where teen girls at risk learn to develop skills to improve their welfare and live independently with supervision.
  • Renova: a company that sells agricultural products at fair prices (comparable to Aveve in Belgium) and offers free services for organic production, business management and healthy living.