Corporate Social Responsibility 

What does this mean at A.S.Adventure?

Sustainability is not empty rhetoric – it is a commitment reflected in each process within A.S.Adventure. Everyone contributes to it and benefits from it.

What does Corporate Social Responsibility means? For us it means making the best possible choices for man and the environment, at every level of our organisation. From product selection and the organisation of our work environment to communications with our customers. Going forward our focus will remain on corporate social responsibility so that, step by step, we are gradually working towards a greener, more environmentally friendly and healthier world.

1. Ethical approach

From the brands we distribute to our own Ayacucho label

“Respect for human rights and environmental issues as well as the legal minimum wage are fundamental values that we aim to uphold. Discrimination and child or slave labour shall not be tolerated neither on our own, nor on our suppliers' shop floor.” 


Ethical trading is the norm. With an assortment comprising more than 200 brands, strict and regular inspections of our suppliers’ codes of conduct are a necessity. The benchmark is set particularly high for our own Ayacucho® brand, i.e. partners and suppliers must subscribe to the BSCI code and submit warranty declarations to that effect.

2. Green objectives

Actively protecting a healthy living environment 

“As a result of our partnerships Natuurpunt has already managed to purchase a 23 hectare nature reserve in Flanders, Natagora volunteers have managed to restore a nature reserve in Wallonia covering more than 4,200 hectares and Cool Earth has enabled us to protect 7,650,000 m2 of rainforest in the Amazon region.”


With support from our customers, we are actively engaging in the preservation of our beautiful planet. Our green objectives - Cool Earth, Natuurpunt and Natagora – are not standing on the sidelines. They are actively engaged in the struggle to protect the diversity and quality of the natural environment at home and abroad.

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3. Ecological footprint

Reduced impact with minor and major interventions

“We eat and drink using recyclable beakers, bottles and plates. Both the paper in our brochures and the wood used for our shop fittings are FSC certified. And our reusable bags have now become eye-catching additions to the street scene.”


Sustainable enterprise takes the value and scarcity of our natural raw materials and energy resources into consideration. Major and minor interventions within our organisation and our stores help us reduce our ecological footprint. It doesn’t take too much effort but makes a huge difference to the environment.

4. Sustainable partnership Ayacucho and Solid

Cross border support

“A knitting workshop for unemployed women, reception centres for teenage mothers and a rose nursery that finances social projects in the region: the profits from our Ayacucho® products are used not to hand out fish to underprivileged populations across the globe, but to teach them how to catch fish.”


Solid is involved in sustainable community development in Peru, India and Kenya. For each Ayacucho® product sold A.S.Adventure provides funds to Solid. In this way we jointly create opportunities for those who need it most.

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5. Clean products

Healthy and safe production for man and the environment

“Our racks contain clothing labelled with the Fair Wear Foundation logo, made by workers who are treated fairly and humanely. The global Bluesign mark guarantees that products are healthy, safe and have been manufactured using environmentally friendly processes.”


Sustainable products must be beneficial for the environment and the people who make them, without compromising on functionality, quality or design. That is why most of the brands distributed by A.S.Adventure employ sustainable certification and codes of conduct.

6. Leave no trace

Ayacucho®, from recyclable packaging to biodegradable T-shirts

“Our Ayacucho down jackets come with a clear conscience: live plucking is banned and closely monitored. Packaging is understated, PFCs are avoided and we recycle wherever possible.”


We only have one planet and we need to take care of it. By using products that leave minimal traces behind, we are showing respect for our environment, without losing sight of the safety and quality aspects. 

Ayacucho products

7. Support for Kamiano

Of vital importance for the needy

“Slightly damaged clothing, shoes and backpacks that were no longer suitable for the sales circuit were donated to the Red Cross between the start of 2013 and the end of 2016. They then distributed these articles to the various reception centres for asylum seekers in Flanders. We recently started making donations to the second hand boutique of the Kamiano social restaurant in Antwerp, which distributes free hot meals to the homeless.” 


A warm winter coat is a must for African refugees who find themselves in our country. Appropriate clothing is also essential to maintain the self-esteem of people who suddenly find themselves without an income. And underprivileged youngsters going on a camping or school trip need a rucksack. In this way we are making a small contribution to giving them a (new) chance of a normal life. 

8. BeeOdiversity

Buzzing protectors of biodiversity

“Over the past few years our headquarters in Hoboken have hosted two BeeOdiversity beehives buzzing with activity. With almost 100,000 bees on site we are contributing to the preservation and stimulation of biodiversity.”


More and more plant and animal species are dying out, which is disrupting the balance of nature and threatening to wipe out entire ecosystems. Even the survival of bees is at risk. The regeneration and protection of bees is crucial in order to maintain the diversity in our nutrition. 

9. People management

A healthy mind in a healthy (outdoor) body

Fresh fruit in the office, a boot camp during the lunch break or a run with colleagues for charity? The welfare of our workforce is paramount at A.S.Adventure.” 


‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ (a healthy mind in a healthy body) is obviously not an empty slogan for an outdoor minded organisation. A.S.Adventure consequently has an eye for wellbeing and ergonomics in the workplace, which is why we offer our employees lots of opportunities to practice sports and to exercise. After all, everyone benefits from a healthy working environment. 

10. Sustainable printed matter

Paper and ink with a heart for the planet

“With all the printed matter and that we produce daily – from brochures to A.S.Magazine – we feel that it is our responsibility to impose strict ecological requirements upon our printers. We thoroughly study how we can make a difference per type of printed matter.”


From recycling, the use of paper with FSC labelling and ecological inks to heat recovery and CO2-neutral printing techniques: every printing house that A.S.Adventure works with makes special efforts to keep their environmental impact as low as possible. It is a must for us and the planet!

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11. Avoid microplastics by washing ecologically

Reduce the impact of polluting microfibres

“At A.S.Adventure, we love brands that are actively working on the environment, for example, by following certain regulations or presenting the right labels. Thanks to our private label Ayacucho jacket, made from recycled PET bottles, we too are focusing on recycling plastics.”  


When you wash synthetic clothing, minuscule particles of plastic are unavoidably released, which make their way to the oceans via wastewater and pose a major threat to the environment. This is why we encourage our customers to wash these on a shorter, colder cycle and to air out your clothing instead of washing them unnecessarily.   

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