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About Ayacucho

When an urban lifestyle meets the great outdoors…    

• Ayacucho®

This private brand of A.S.Adventure is synonymous with outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories, the things you need to venture out – both in the city and the countryside – in the highest degree of comfort. 

• The range:

Technical wear for him and her: coats, trousers, shorts, shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, gloves, hats, bonnets and scarves.

Outdoor equipment: sleeping bags, sleeping mats, airbeds and rucksacks.

• Who for?

‘Made for generations’. Ayacucho® is a premium quality brand suitable for use in both the city and the countryside, for all the family, from trendy teenagers to sporty over sixties. Definitely something to pass on to the next generation(s)!

• Made from…

The high-tech material was selected specifically for your comfort. For example, the Tencel and bamboo in tropical clothing will reduce perspiration and keep mosquitos at bay via a unique textile treatment. Our brand also uses UV resistant material that provides protection from the sun and comfy down to keep you nice and warm.

• Fair & durable

All items – except for bonnets and scarves – are made in Asia, in working conditions that comply with the BSCI code and provide workers with a fair wage.


Ayacucho® cares for animals and for the environment. For instance, we don’t use down obtained from live plucking, and selected Ayacucho® items are made using natural materials such as bamboo. The brand uses the environmentally friendly Bionic Finish Eco process to keep clothing water-repellent.


For each item sold, Ayacucho®  makes a contribution to Solid International*, an organisation involved in sustainable community development in locations such as Ayacucho in Peru, which has given the brand its name. This is where Ayacucho® bonnets and scarves are made in a fair trade knitting workshop.

• Style:

Functional, with a twist.

• Price/quality?


Ayacucho ambassador:

The Randonneur


Nature. Close by or far away. A passion.


It’s ok for time to fly by

As long as you experience it in your own way

Ayacucho pacer jacket


- Super breathable membrane

- Windproof and water-repellent outer layer

- Superior wearability, lightweight

Ayacucho & Solid

 Close ties


Ayacucho was established in 2009 as a partnership between A.S.Adventure and Solid International. A.SAdventure wanted to contribute to sustainable development and was attracted by the community work this Belgian organisation is involved in. 

Solid International is active in, among other places, Ayacucho, a poor and not easily accessible area in the Andes in Peru. Solid wants to give the underpriviliged population a new start by providing training for farmers and running a refuge for teenage mothers. Solid International also initiates projects in India, Kenya, Tanzania, and nationally, for underpriviliged adolescents.

Part of the proceeds of each Ayacucho item sold is sent directly to Solid International.

Help to create a better world. Wear Ayacucho. 


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