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What kind of bike bag do I need?

✓ Will you be carrying heavy items on your bike? Then it’s best to distribute the weight between two panniers at the back. These have a high carrying capacity and can easily hold up to 25 kg.

✓ Are you just taking your wallet, smartphone, and keys? Then all you need is a handlebar bag.

✓ Would you like to take a few small things on your racing cycle? Opt for an aerodynamic saddle bag.

✓ Are you going mountain biking? Opt for a comfortable biking backpack with a ventilation system.

✓ Is rain in the forecast? Then protect your bike bag or backpack from the wet with a rain cover.

Which bike bag will work best on my electric bicycle?

Not all bike bags fit equally well on an electric bike. So, keep the following tips in mind when buying your bike bag:


✓ Opt a bike bag with buckled or Velcro straps. Some click-on systems may not fit due to the battery placement.

✓ Do you want a double bag? The rack on an e-bike is often wider than a standard urban bicycle. So, make sure you get a bag with an adjustable connector.

✓ Front panniers, handlebar bags, and saddlebags are suitable for all bicycle types.