Back to school

After a well-deserved summer holiday, we are nearly there: back to school.


In September, the starting shot of the new school year will go off again. Are your children also in two minds now that the end of the holiday is in sight? On the one hand they want to continue enjoying the holiday, but on the other hand they can’t wait to see their classmates again. Do you sense the obligatory unwillingness? New school equipment, of course, can also see to it that your son or daughter will begin to anticipate going back to school again and starting afresh in a new school year.

Indispensable school equipment for a good start


From the very youngest going to school for the first time to the young adolescents who are starting their last year of secondary school. Every school year is unique. So just check each year whether your child’s backpack or satchel is still big enough.

Thanks to this handy schedule, you will immediately know which schoolbag best suits your child’s needs.

Nursery school

I go to school and I take along:

  • Drinking bottle, fruit and lunch box 



Contents: < 10 litres

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Primary school

I go to school and I take along:

  • Drinking bottle, fruit and lunch box
  • Pencil case, homework diary, exercise books, gym outfit   

Contents: 10 - 20 litres

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Secondary school

I go to school and I take along:

  • Drinking bottle, fruit and lunch box
  • Pencil case, books, exercise books, calculator, homework diary and more    

Contents: > 20 litres

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It is common knowledge that children have to carry more and more weight to school every academic year. Yet it is important that a school backpack should always meet the needs of their bodies. After all, a child’s back is still relatively soft and flexible. Always make sure that the centre of gravity of the backpack is as close as possible to the body. Place heavy books or ring binders as close to the body as possible. Also, a backpack with a padded back and shoulder straps provides better carrying comfort and will better distribute the weight of the backpack.       

How much is a school bag allowed to weigh?

The weight of a satchel or school backpack should not exceed 10% of your child’s body weight!        

Pencil cases

At school you often need a range of pens, pencils, markers and more. To avoid your pens disappearing at the bottom of your satchel, you should buy a nice pencil case. Match your pencil case with your favourite schoolbag or show off with a striking item.

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Drinking bottles

A leak-proof drinking bottle is certainly indispensable for the satchel or school backpack. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are also much more fun than a plastic bottle or drinking carton because of the choice of different prints, colours and themes.

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Lunch boxes

Do you love giving your child a healthy and tasty lunch along to school? Then of course you should not be without a nice lunch box. That way your kiddie’s sandwiches will not get crushed and you do your bit for a better environment!


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Safe in traffic

Getting your child safely through traffic can sometimes be quite a task. With the right tips and equipment, you make the trip to school a lot safer:    

  • Make sure your child is sufficiently visible in traffic. Check whether your child's bicycle is equipped with the prescribed bike lights and make sure that he or she wears a Hi-Vis vest every time. Do they think that’s unhip or uncool? The WOWOW Hi-Vis vests are just that tiny bit more special.
  • Does your child go to school by bike? Make sure they wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Map out the safest route in advance, even if that is not necessarily the shortest.
  • Practise the mapped route together with your child(ren). In this way you can point out potential dangers to them and teach them to cross in safe places.    


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